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I really love the quality content that we all create on Dtube. There is so much wealth of information. However, I have seen that there are many more men than women on Dtube. Is it me or do I see as if we are fewer ladies on here? And as I said this is not a post to "shake tables' but let's encourage more women to make video content and we can all grow together. And for the people already here, keep up the good work.

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We are coming.


Yes girl. I'd love to see you here. <3


But for me mostly its the difficulty i experience in uploading videos via dtube, its helova hustle, i dont know if its the browser i am using.


I can imagine. Try edit in 480p. I would also face problems because my videos were high resolution (1080p). I found a trick. Upload the video first on Youtube as an unlisted/ private video. Then download from YOutube at 480p. Youtube kind of compress it and makes it very fast t upload on Dtube. That's what I do and it works smoothly. I also upload when I have a lot to do so I forget that I am uploading, do dishes, go outside and when I come back the video is ready.

Come to think of it. I can mention the handles of the consistent ladies on this platform by heart. The guys are virtually uncountable. Please ladies it's not so hard, you just have to be determined.


I agree we are few. We can do this and we can uplift each other.

totally! resteemed!


Thanks friend.

Sounds like a plan
Will upload next video on dtube :)
Thank you for the encouragement

Resteemed to my followers here. will also be sending your link out to my twitter following.


Thanks @tonygreene113. How have you been doing?