The famous Tegalalang rice terrace [Dtube Perfspots]

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in this video blog we explored the famous Tegalalang rice terrace. back in the days it was simply used to farm rice. Nowadays it is mainly a tourist spot. but why? because the layers of the rice fields are very aestethic!
The terrace are close to Ubud in Bali, Indonesia.

The Hotel we stayed in Ubud :

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[this is a dtube prerelease video, right now only available here on Dtube! perhaps it is going to be posted on other platforms but for now only available here.]

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I was there only 6 months ago!!! Such a wonderful place :)

Hope you're enjoying Bali :)


No way! it is really a perfect spot! Im enjoying to the fullest, are you still in Bali?
ps. thanks for the delegation man, your support is golden!


I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Bali and I'm not in Bali now and I probably go there next year for couple of months for Surfing..

Have fun my friend !!!

Amazing place. I have been there last December.

Have a good time.



Its an amazing place thanks Thomas!

It's really good place, this Bali is very attractive :)


I agree its such a nice island!