Dtube Vlog 79 - What's the Best Fitness Breakfast?

in dtube •  9 months ago

What's up guys,

today we discuss what is the best breakfast for fitness.
After a long night without any sustenance, In the morning the most important thing our body needs is energy in form of carbohydrates and fats and protein for giving our muscles the possibility to grow.
So in my video I give you some tips on good food and I show you a basic fitness breakfast which is simply one of the best.

I hope you enjoy my video and we see us in the next one. :-)

Jason - Infinityroad

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Thanks for sharing tips and information about the best breakfast for fitness, good luck

Hey, I really started to work out 1 month ago and I am using the Runtastic app which is a huge help ;) I already lost 6 kilos and stopped smoking - so proud! Are you on runtastic? Would be funny to compete.