NEW STUDY: "Rethink" Global Warming - Shrinkflation Rampant

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50% Italy's seasonal crop lost to frosts. Shrinkflation is rampant in UK, Australia. A new study indicates "We must rethink global warming" after demonstrating that aerosols cause significant global cooling." Christian breaks it down.



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Hello there!

I've been following your YouTube channel for a month and I just wanted to let you know you are doing an amazing job getting this message out in a way which feels very authentic. I only recently came across this subject but instantly felt it to be truth and have adjusted my life plans accordingly.

After watching your film about heirloom seeds moments ago I am so excited now to begin the 'learning' process and get those seeds into the ground for the spring.

Here on the Spanish/French boarder we are not experiencing anything too unusual yet and frankly am wishing it would snow so that the kids can build a snowman! Though I guess I should be careful what I wish for.

Really pleased to have found you here on Steem. I have a bunch of followers who will appreciate your work (and a bunch who won't!) so will do my best to resteem your great work.

Thanks again for doing what you do, in the brilliant way you do it!