My Life Updates & Other Things! {Hindi Vlog]

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This vlog contains all the updates about my life and things I care about. You will see this kind of video from me every month, at least one time. ;)

#Update 1 Biggest news of 2019 - #Shaktimaan is back. Our favorite desi superhero. But in a different format. Mr. Mukesh Khanna has finally listened to the fans and decided to create an education web series with the name of "SORRY SHAKTIMAAN" Hopefully the TV Series will come back soon ;) First episode is already out on 15th March.

"Sorry Shaktimaan" Teaser:

"Sorry Shaktimaan" #Episode 1:

Apart from this I have lots to talk to. Watch the video to know more in detail.

#Update 2: Winters are gone, officially. Now it's time to ditch Old Monk Rum till next season. ;) Beer is back!

#Update 3: Something unexpected happened. Freelancer life related. Watch it, inspiration milegi.

#Update 4: I am moving from New Delhi to Noida Sector 61. From 30th March. I will be a #NOIDABOY (read NYODA BOI). Will miss Krishna too x(

#Update 5: My Youtube Goals for 2019. This one's for you!

GEAR I USE (Perfect for Mobile Vloggers)

Gorilla Tripod (Must have):
60 inch Tripod with bag:
Best Microphone (for any SmartPhone):
Maine Camera (Note 8):
Backup Camera (iPhone X):
JBL Flip 4:
JBL Pulse 3:




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