Steem-onboarding Contest by @steemindian to spread STEEM.

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Hello Steemians and Dtubers. Sharing my plan for organising a contest through @steemindian for onboarding on steem. The main goals and proposals in this video are

  1. Sharing story from newbie how he found steem and who helped him to get onboarded.
  2. Rewarding both newbie and person who helped to onboard on steem
  3. Partnering up with high stake holders to curate the stories shared in contest.
  4. Avoiding the abuse on contest for rewards.
  5. Create guidelines to prevent any scams.

Thank you for watching my @dtube video. Hope you all like this and feel useful.

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@ hungryharish
This is a great projet, thanks @steemindian

Good luck

@tipu curate

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Thank you very much @zainnyferdhoy

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@hungryharish Great initiative bro...
Resteemed it so that more and more steemians can get in!!!
Keep going...
God bless

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Thank you bro

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