Yes. It is my fault. I wasn’t paying attention to which account we were on. You are the first to notice. Thanks for watching!!!

My husband is wondering why the fermented bales are more expensive. It would seem that for the alfalfa Farmers, it would make more sense to do that with all their bales. Why bother waiting until it’s dried?

A lot of them are switching to silage rolls from hay. From what I hear what stops some of them is the extra expense of buying more equipment to wrap the bales and then they need special front end loader attachment to move bales with out breaking seal. The other factor is a lot of farmers are stuck in there ways and do things they way grandpa did them. I am sure your husband has run into that;)

That sounds about right. They say it takes money to make money. But if you don’t have the money to start with, you’d hate to take out a loan.
It seems to me farmers can be very stuck in their ways.. lol

It is a vicious cycle

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