Be Bold: Pick up Bitcoin and Gold

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This is myself and @goldfashioned’s response to the Drop Gold campaign... and it might not be what you think!

Its super simple to purchase 24 karat gold Mene Jewelry and gifts with some of your bitcoin.


Be bold... own Bitcoin AND Gold!

Scan here to start:


Earn $5 in Mene credit for signing up for Mene with this invite link:

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Investor Presentation:

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Earn $5 in Mene credit for signing up for Mene with this invite link:

To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here:

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Jewelry Worth It’s Weight in Gold:

Menē crafts 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry™ that is transparently sold by gram weight. By combining innovative technology with timeless design, Menē restores the ancient tradition of jewelry as a store of enduring value.

I am on a personal mission to spread the word about Goldmoney and Menē through any means necessary. Goldmoney\Mene allows individuals to empower themselves by protecting their savings by owning small or large amounts gold previously inaccessible to regular people like you and me.

The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

See Steemians unbox Mene:

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Gold has always been a great investment since I was a young child! The price of it has gone insane at times and can be comparable (although not quite to the same magnitude) as bitcoin and altcoins. There are many great ways that you can keep gold, although sometimes you’re paying for the artisan work, as opposed to the raw value. Still an investment that retains at least a good portion of its value over time! I prefer to buy chunks of it, not jewelry pieces. I feel that paying for the craftsmanship is only appropriate for certain scenarios and that if you’re looking at it as an investment, you should be looking the pay the smallest amount possible for the largest quantity you can reasonably afford.

It’s great to see people pushing silver and gold buying. I see a future where those will be the physical currencies that bitcoin and altcoins are traded against. Imagine that. A world where instead of a wallet full of paper, you have a wallet that holds little square or circle chunks of branded actual gold. That would push cryptocurrency to the “moon” I hear so many speaking of. Imagine that your bitcoin is not worth fiat, rather, look at it in terms of how many grams of gold you could exchange it for. That is the future I see. The same logic also applies to silver. There is a reason these precious metals retain so much value, and it is essentially aligned with why crypto retains so much value. Scarcity.

I imagine little square, pure gold, minted coins. By design of regular wallets, circles don’t make the most of space or generally fit comfortably together. Sharp edges would be an issue with tearing, so maybe the squares would have rounded edges. As many logos often do. I imagine a wallet that instead of being pockets and such, has little slots where u can push the coins into. They could be small as well. Maybe about half an inch each for the smaller amounts, etc. If gold was distributed this way, as a currency, not only would it have global value of a sort, it would also mean that less would be worth even more, as it is not concentrated in one spot anymore or in industrial uses, but rather, it’s distributed among the population. That means it becomes more costly to get people to come off of theirs.

Just some thoughts. Turned into a ramble. My apologies. Lol


Gold and silver are great investments!
Glad to see people pushing them! :)

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Also, they would be the size of maybe mints. Think about those 100 packs of mints and how tiny they are, but what each one would be worth if it was gold? Obv there’d be larger sizes and banks would still be needed. The next size up could be 4 times the smaller, next one twice that, etc. Banks would change their models though. They would maybe begin to work how Netflix does. Bank as much as you want, so you don’t have to carry the larger amounts of gold around, and we receive a monthly fee. Simple.
Transactions could remain the same and any given location would have the coins in varying degrees, as well as bars, etc.
There would be less need to transport that gold from location to location, due to the fact that having a ton of it, would mean you’re a billionaire.

Sorry, more thoughts of my utopian ideas. Lol

Again, this is all in my vision. It actually happening may only exist in an alternate reality. If so, damn do I wish I could find it. Lol

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Thank you for your thoughts! Very interesting . If you haven’t already, check out Goldmoney for that closer to spot value gold :) I’ve blogged about it many times

A cool way to spread the message, @goldmatters! Excellent video!

Thanks silversaver! Hopefully makes a few people laugh at least :)

Great idea for a great message! Ms. Goldfashioned still wants to wear the Bitcoin costume :) #hodl #godl

Perfect!! Back to the trampoline!

Fantastic as always!!

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