Vlog #76: On the way to the Club 89 in Krakow through the Smog!

in #dtube4 years ago

Hey dear Dtubers and Steemians,

last Friday was the Night of Steem of the Steemfest³ in Krakow at the Club 89 and in this Vlog we are on the way to walk to this club. In Krakow is a lot of Smog in the air and especially in the night it was very heavy. In this video you can get a little impression of this crazy smog spectacel.

Greetings and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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But I think you guys were lucky that it wasn't - 20c ehehehe so that was the positive part. It was the party good?

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Oh yes and even during the day it was sunny and warm. Yes the party was very funny. 🎉

Finally one with you in it 😁 Yeah that fog/smog combo was nuts.

😉 Oh yes, this smog was really nuts..

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