Vlog #169: The wonderful view from the rooftop of the Dioskouroi Apartments!

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Hello dear Dtubers and Steemians,

it´s time for the next Vlog of my current travel trip to Crete island and in this video Im showing you the nice rooftop of the Dioskouroi Apartments in Agia Pelagia.

It´s very close to Yannis Residence, where we staid before and we moved to there after 12 days for over two weeks. Dioskouroi is a beautiful small hotel with swimming pool, pool bar and rooftop with Jaccouzi.

The location and views are very nice, especially from the rooftop. Our apartment is also very lovely and a roomtour video is coming soon too.

Some days before recording this video, I extended my stay on Crete island for the first time and reserved the same apartment in Yannis Residences again. Later we moved to another apartment too and then later even back again to Dioskouroi, because I extended my stay here on Crete island again.

Stay tuned for the next Vlogs and see you everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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Hey Steve

i like these vacations

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Very Good

please help me I am new on DTube