Vlog #213: A rainy day at the beach on Crete island, relaxing in the closed El Greco restaurant!

in dtube •  4 days ago 

Hello dear Dtubers and Steemians,

here comes one of the last Vlogs of my travel trip to Crete island in October 2019!

I recorded this video on another rainy, but warm day in Agia Pelagia on Crete island and I enjoyed this rainy day at the beach in the El Greco restaurant. It was already closed, because the most restaurants in Agia Pelagia are closing in the end of October, but Ada still had to work there to help with the closing of the restaurant and I also helped a little bit.

It´s not raining often on Crete island and so it´s something special there. For the nature it´s also very important and when it´s raining there, it´s normally only very short. Not like in Germany, where it´s raining for many days very often. xD

See you in my next Vlogs and greetings!

Jonas - @future24

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