One Yeti's Perspective #350: Importance Of Knowing What You Believe

in dtube •  24 days ago

I think now more than ever we all need to know what we believe. What we stand for and what is most important to us.

The modern world is filled with original creation that is continually twisted to fit someone's views or current needs.

When we dig our heels in on what we believe, are we sure we have all of the information. If we gain new information, does it change our view of what we believe.

With the internet and the non stop flow of information, how do we gauge what is true and what is right, and what isn't important.

In the video I speak more on the importance of knowing and why. There is also a need for discernment. Where does our discernment come from? I will walk it out one day at a time!

Be well. Be encouraged. Be radical.

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Nice topic @freedompoint 😊

When I was younger, the things I believed were largely determined by the things I read, and the people (or groups of people in some cases) who I thought were wiser, and more knowledgeable than me.

But over the course of 33 years, I have personally tested a lot of different ideas, and my current beliefs are now influenced most by the results I got from testing ideas and beliefs.


  • Until a person has seriously tested the ideas they express, implemented them to the T, and accumulated a wealth of experience, I'd say that the foundation for their beliefs and insight is weak.

  • I am only 33 years old (still a little young) but I am old enough to realize that some things can only be learned through personal experience (and over a span of many years), so there is a general age requirement for one to truly know what they believe, and for them to know why they believe what they believe, without it being some sort of farce.


I love your response.

When it comes to living out a belief, how long would it take to have a solid understanding enough to make a decision. I mean, what measure of time can be applied to knowing. Our modern world has a 15 second attention span, would they be willing to live it out for decades? Or months?

Also there would be a major aspect of fully consumimg all information and not just select tidbits.

Hey man, I hope you were not referring to me in that video. Pretty sure I didn't "come at you" and I never mentioned anything about praying to demons. I was just asking if you looked into or not. I feel that we all have to walk out out faith according to the will He has put on our life....oh and as for the "christian" label, yeah I'm not fond of that one either.

Also have you been watching the Spiritual Food For Thought videos that @papa-pepper has been doing? His last few videos have touched on that subject of Jesus saying...away from me I never knew you.


Nope, wasn't referring to you. You were kind and just asking. It was on another platform. They came at me pretty direct haha. I have watched @papa-pepper's videos. I think it is great to have challenging conversations. Part of communicating is knowing how....sometimes we can all only explain so much because other's can't percieve our words. Be well. And no worries.


You said "challenging conversations"...have you had conversations with @papa-pepper about the stuff he has been posting about?


We talk often! By challenging I mean a conversation that we grow from. When our views, perspectives, beliefs are challenged in a conversation we often come out the other side changed.