I'm Going to Promote Dtube & Steem outside the Steem Blockchain , Which Will Open the Doors for more Investors

in dtube •  20 days ago

Hui guys welcome all 🙏🙏. So, I have finally decided to promote Dtube & Steem outside the Steem Blockchain 😊

Yes you guessed it right I'm going to use my social media platform for that but the whole procedure is very different from you this.

I'm going to follow certain different or you can say unique steps for that. To know more about it watch the full vlog😉

I'm a proud member of Dcooperation community founded by @clixmoney

I'm too a proud member of Linkseven77 an initiative by @nathanmars

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@freecrypto, I missed your some contents brother. But you have attractive style for Dtube video contents. Your some reactions make me smile and fun. But this time your idea so powerful than previous. I hope your powerful contents attract new investors to steem blockchain.


Thanks a lot buddy for your compliment 😊. Yeah feel great to see your comment on my post, your comment motivates a lot to me really :)

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