(Best Korea) Deity Civ V Vox Populi Part 21

in dtube •  3 months ago 

Finally on the forefront against the Celts

Version 4-20
Map PerfectWorld
Number of players 8
Time scale Epic
Difficulty Deity

I talk more about the mod in the video, it can be found here with instructions to install it.

The other mods I use are:

Infoaddict v22 provides graphs
PerfectWrold3 v1 a map mod
FlagPromotions v7 shows promotions over units

All mods can be found in the civ 5 workshop through steam.

I use Brave browser which is great because it allows you to get paid for viewing ads. It is also a chrome mod so works just like chrome.
Here is a link to Brave, which will great both of us $5 worth of BAT coins.

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