Author Reading "Exquisite Corpse 2019-1 The Discussion (part 3)"

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This is an author reading of part three of the first Exquisite Corpse of 2019. I recorded it a few days ago, when it was colder and I was hairier.

There are six writers who each are writing a part of the story. None of us know what is coming - there is no plan - so we have to react to what has been written by the writer before us. The six writers are @blockurator, @fromage,, @blueeyes8960, @stever82, and @sarez. Writing in that order.

Please read the other parts!

Part one by @blockurator

Part two by @fromage

Part three by

Part four by @blueeyes8960

Click on the photo above to watch the dtube author reading, or you can watch the youtube version below:

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Solid reading! Thanks for sharing. Really like the work you're doing.


I'm back and alive


Yay! Glad you're back. How'd you get back in?

@stever82 wrote Part 5 a couple of days ago. If you want to tackle Part 6, go ahead.


I will get it up by tomorrow. Thanks

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