Can you do me a favour? PLEASE VOTE for @steemitbloggers in the new @theycallmedan dpoll!

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Hello everyone, me again!

@theycallmedan is doing it again, and this time he is delegating 20k steempower for a year.

There are lots of great steem projects nominated but I would like YOU to vote for ONE: @steemitbloggers (aka #powerhousecreatives.

They (we - I'm a member) are international and anyone can join as long as they are committed to steem, produce original posts and are dedicated in their support of other members.

poll header 5.png

Please give us your support!

to vote you will find the link in this post:

or you can go straight to the poll:

Login using steemconnect and...

VOTE for @steemitbloggers

Thank you! Love you guys!

If you can't watch the dtube video (click on the picture at the top of the post) you should be able to watch the youtube version below:

poll header 3.png


@steemitbloggers has evolved! We are now the #PowerHouseCreatives



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The Alliance
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Join us at the Freewrite House for fun and games!!! Weekly drawing for SBI memberships and so much more!!

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Nice shout out shared to Twitter.


Thank you! :)

Thank you so much for the support xxxxxxxx


We are a team! :)

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Such a nice video! Love your support of other groups along with the unwavering backing of @steemitbloggers! That's definitely the way to spread the Steem love. 😍


Thank you!

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Great video, mate.

You know, as a Brit, you've got an unfair advantage. Anything spoken with a British accent sounds "erudite" to us North Americans. You could be talking about tying your damned shoes and we'd be enthralled. :-)



Ha ha! Perhaps I should put on a bit of a posh accent, see if that wins people over! :)

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Cool way of presenting this! Great explanation of the process :-)


Way to go buddy! Excellent post. 👍👍


Thanks my friend!

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