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Hello lovelies! It’s Friday 12th April!! How has your week been? What are your plans for the weekend?

Today the sun is shining, but it started off cold, with a frost. Our B&B guests have breakfasted and left. Today is Friday so that means it is Market Day in Felletin (the town in central France where I live) so it’s #MarketFriday!

Today I have a shift in the artisanl shop, have some more paperwork to do, plan to do more writing, more felting and have a room to get ready in the B&B.

Hope you have a fantastic day my friends… Steem on!

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Watch the dtube video by clicking on the top picture. The YouTube version will be in my actifit post


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I love the fact that you bring me to your markets and especially how they have it set up snaking its way through the town!

It is fun to walk along and get the whole feel of what it is like to be there and to bring the whole #marketfriday gang with you! This market has more vehicles/stores where they can drive right up and already be set up. Now, that is the way to go, especially when it is still cold out.

Variety of items, fresh goods and lots of people! That makes for a wonderful market day! I hope you got everything you needed! Thank you for putting a post in to #MarketFriday!

Is it possible for you to drop a link in the comment section of the #MarketFriday post in the future if you think about it? It gives your post more exposure and helps me find it. :)

#MarketFriday loves you!

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Thank you!

I meant to drop a link and mention your post in mine too, but it slipped my mind! 😗🤔🙄

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No worries. I am afraid if I mention it, people will get offended, but, if I don't, they will never know.

Plus, I always give them an extra tip... and you know you want one of those! LOL Just never spend it all in one place!

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
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❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Oh, the day started very good. Very early, too. But I am So much on the nice that I can't concentrate about Steem. A thing to learn.

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Well I hope you have a good weekend! Popped over to your blog and chose a post. Resteemed upvoted tweeted

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Ah, much Thanks! And I hope I'm back on #zapfic soon.

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you the man baby!


sub for subs comment on my video pls

I am not convinced the video is your own, and it is quite poor quality (it is out of focus, so you can't follow the steps with no commentary to make up for it), so I am not going to upvote it, restreem it or tweet it. Frankly it doesn't look as though you made the video. Make some new original (not copy) content and try again.

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first time here and im glad fuc youtube censorship now i can say and dowhat i want with no flag

Well, not quite. If people don't like what you post they can flag you. Dtube is clear - it is the users who decide what is good and what isn't. Make your own original videos and you'll be alright

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Thank you for your kindness
Kecoa Tanpa Kepala

Oh man!
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Thank you so much @felt.buzz

Hey there! Not sure what the weekend will holds. It's probably going to be in the kitchen! I was supposed to have been making pickled fish today, but my fish order hasn't turned up. So, assuming it arrives, that, and the usual cooking's on the agenda. You?

So, in the pear vein.... ;)


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Hope you sell lots at the market!

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Very kind, thank you!

A beautiful post on Steemit I had just read and is some #STEEMLove defined stuff, an artist I follow gives a thank you post https://steemit.com/art/@shibasaki/veryspider-scrawly-and-you-thank-you-for-your-support with pics and the people he thanks are two other awesome Steemian artists who are all family!

Cheers! I resteemed, upvoted and tweeted his post, and did the same for one of yours! Have a great weekend!

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Hello @feltbuzz. Another week coming to an end. Happy Friday!


Have a great weekend. Upvoted tweeted and resteemed

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Thank you @felt.buzz for your support - as always. Have a great weekend.

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Hahahaha, I just watched the video at the end and I know that feeling! I totally did a dance the first time I held my own book printed in my hands. Publishing feels great. :D

It is a great feeling! Congratulations on the 1000SP milestone! I resteemed, upvoted and tweeted it. Have a great weekend! :)

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Thanks very much! You have a great weekend as well! :)

You sound really busy. At least it is with fun stuff in life. @felt.buzz

Thanks @rebeccabe! Looks like you had fun too! I upvoted, resteemed and tweeted about your Max post! :)

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Great thanks so much!

Thank you! :)

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Hello @felt.buzz.
Good Friday!
This morning I went to the museum park.
The beautiful and sunny day.
This is a publication I made, a steemiana, that published more than 100 beautiful photos of Vienna.
Authorize their free use, without copyright.
All his publications have beautiful photographs, and he offers them in free use.
I love altruism.

That sounds like a nice morning you had! I have upvoted, resteemed and tweeted your post, and one from the steemian you introduced me to!

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