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Hello lovelies! It’s Saturday ! Happy weekend!

Lovely sunny and warm today.
How has your week been? What are you upto today? What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?

This morning I had a short walk with the dogs, then after breakfast we went for along walk with our dogs and our friends baby (our friends ill so we're helping out)

Hope you have a fantastic day, my friends… Steem on!

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Watch the dtube video by clicking on the top picture. The YouTube version will be in my actifit post


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Hello... well we in our contry have some issues with the electricity.... so I have been out some days... but if you want check it out.. I will be glad
I had so many different topics... so hope you like... if you don't.. all the comments are welcome
Thank you

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Thank you so much 😁

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Sunny and warm!?! It is pissy and cold here.

Showing the love on a Saturday morning will warm it up but this is only the second post I have read this morning after a busy week. @davedickeyyall is enjoying his morning bowl and could use a warming up with the snow he got overnight.

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Hope your weather improves

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Ah thanks! I just wanted to say hi and appreciate your work to support folks here. Very generous!


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Very kind of you to help promote other people's content :)

Here's my link:

Hope you like it!

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Thank you so much! It really means a lot :)

Thank you for everything and your kindness
Need to support cryptocurrency

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Happy weekend! I love your post, you are just buzzing with good energy!

It's good to bring the dogs for a walk, take in the suns energy and help a friend in need. Sounds like a perfect day :D

I wouldnt be able to tell you what post of mine you would think is worth supporting as it would be your judgement on that. So feel free to check out whats going on :)
Ive started writing a story although it carries quite a bit of NSFW in it, there are a few hints in it that no one has picked up yet on who the main characters are. Well I have just started introducing the 2nd main character and we will know more about him as I write part 6. Aside from that I have been writing a bit of everything that comes up here and there. Had a writers block for a few days but its kicking off again.

Enjoy the day!

Okay, well just the title of that nsfw story makes me think of one person!

I chose your PHC contest post! Loved it

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Are you telling me that it's making you think of @jaynie? LMAO, You wouldn't be the first that thought it. No connections by the way.

You tweeted my post as well? And what you wrote! I am absolutely grateful for this! I don't have a twitter account though, but I would love to see it. The more I see people connecting twitter and Steemit, the more I see it has an advantage.

Thank you so much!!! <3

Ha ha ha! Well, she is the queen of the boot! 😀
I used to find twitter dull but it's much better now it's full of steemians!

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I'm still finding some Steemians out there. There is a lot of activity lol.

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Hello there! This week has been really stress free as opposed to anytime since January. Hehe. Next week I hope to start a new chapter in my life again.

It's good to know you had a good time with your family/friends and dogs.

Btw here's a post of mine you can check on. 😄

Or you can choose whichever you prefer to upvote and resteem on my profile. 😊

Glad you had a less stressful week! Resteemed tweeted upvoted

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Wow thanks. 😊

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Nice one! 😎
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Thank you so much! That's terrific!