It's Thursday 23rd May. Happy Almost-Friday! Motivate your post with#STEEMLove (drop a link to an undervalued post for possibility of resteem upvote and tweet)

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Hello lovelies! It’s Thursday 23rd May! Happy Almost-Friday! Yes, it’s the middle of the working week!

It's lovely and sunny today. We are off on holiday (5 days) just an hour and a half away in the country (more country than we live in now!)


How are you guys doing in your mission to help #GrowTheFreewriteHouse?

visit the @freewritehouse for all the latest updates


Peace and love to you all.

Hope you have a fantastic day, my friends… Steem on!

I am participating in @d00k13's partiko points challenge. This was my starting point this morning. Check my Actifit post this evening to see how many points I hustled today!

Motivate your post with #STEEMlove! Drop a link in the comments and I'll check it out. If I like it I'll resteem and tweet it. If I love it, I'll upvote it too. If you are too shy to drop a link just leave a lovely comment and I will go and check out your profile, if I see something I like I’ll resteem that! :)

Watch the dtube video by clicking on the top picture. The YouTube version will be in my actifit post


@steemfiction - Voices In The Darkness: 8 supernatural tales by 8 Writers from the STEEM Blockchain

Have you heard of #STEEMfiction? @steemfiction are a collection of writers (led by @jeezzle) on the steem blockchain, and we published a book!

Please could you help us by following @steemfiction? We'd like the book to succeed for Steem as much as for us!

Voices In The Darkness is now ALSO available as a paperback!

If you want a taster of what is in the book, the video below shows me reading the first 900 words, or so, of my story, The Tell-Tale Dead


@steemitbloggers has evolved! We are now the #PowerHouseCreatives



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Hello Felt.
I leave the promotion of @bxlphabet
To other stemians.
A fantastic way to support.


Thank you!
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Hey my friend :) I didn't knew that you have a bed&breakfast buddy!
Will catch up on you when I come in your area :) I wish you an awesome and cheesy holiday my friend!

I got a undervalued video here:

Thanks for checking it out :P



Thanks man!, 😍

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Love the positivity my friend! Keep up the solid hustle, glad to help #growthefreewritehouse!


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Thank you 🙏🏼

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