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Hello lovelies! It’s Wednesday 30th October! How is your week going?

I have got my felting mojo back and am continuing to make some things (making a red dragon at the moment).

This morning I had a lie in until 8am then wrote my freewrite (2nd to last part of my current story) and walked the dogs. Today, I have to take my wife to the airport. We have guests arriving in the B&B so I need to be back by 5pm.

The sun is out, it is a beautiful day.

Peace and love to you all. Steem on!

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Walking the dogs, enjoying the sunshine, hosting new guests, definitely a day to celebrate

I so love that you are still doing this!!! You are one of the steadfast ones here on Steem and a good friend and helper to so many here. Thank you!
You are for sure one of the people that keep me here (I think that is a good thing LOL)

Hello, Hope you're having a great day?!!

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