CineVlog #17 - McFly Has A Snow Day

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YEOOOOOOOO! What the heck is up DUDES!!!

I know - I've been spotty lately - Just dealing with life. We all do. The film I've been planning on releasing has taken a few steps backward and we've decided to start over with sound design / mixing. It is what it is. Onward and upward. I've been burnt out of a while - both in my personal life and creatively - just all around blah. But the reality is - it's the winter / cabin fever that's getting to me. Summer will arrive soon enough.

Hope you enjoy this video of my little shit having fun in the snow for a bit. It' a DogVlog. I've made some pretty big changes over the last month. One of the biggest might shock you...... This is the last video I've filmed with my beloved Sony A7sii........

What am I shooting with now? Am I still team Sony? have I gone to the dark side? Guess you'll just have to wait and see....... It's the A7iii. I know I didn't go far.

There's a ton of improvements when you compare the two. For one - Which will affect the kind of content i make for both here and youtube - There is no more 2.2x crop when I film 120fp..... which most of my videos are shot in. On top of that - its a 6k sensor downsampled to 4k - The battery life is improved. More megapixels - Better autofocus - and very decent low light performance - Not totally on par with the a7sii but other than that it's really a win overall.

I've still got unreleased a7sii footage that you'll see eventually - Don't worry. Looking forward to shooting some more killer videos for all you lovely people. Wish me luck.

Chat soon.

All the best.


The song used in this video is Dj Quads - Into My Life (Non-Copyrighted Music)
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Interesante, un saludo!

hello sir i am big fan of you