Winter Shots - Ep 1

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Had a bit of time after lunch today........ Decided to get a bit of air with the drone. No thing crazy. Think Seeing as Canada's new drone laws go into effect June 1st I figured I might as well get in as much flying as I can. So here's the first episode of my new short series "Winter Shots". Lol I'll try and actually tell a story with the next one.

Everything you see was filmed on a DJI Mavic Pro Mk 1
Edited in Adobe Premiere

Is actually my second time taking my drone to this spot you can find a video I cut together from my previous outing below.

The song in the video is "Head Up High" by Dj Quads

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Download Link:

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I like. Subbed cause I like.


Thank you!!!

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Haha cool video man. I like the decision to make it a b/w video man.
I have some problems to fly my drone because of the weather here in north germany. Rainy / snowy almost never this kind of clear sky ^^ But also these days go over :)



lol dam man Sorry I missed all your comments - Was a busy few days. I love Black and white. To be honest - I had to do it because I don't have nd filters yet and the footage looked super crappy - Quick fix for shitty footage..... kae it black and white !!! hahhahahahahahahha

Yeah you gotta be careful in crappy weather with the drone. lots could go wrong - its not worth the risk.