Upclose & Personal with Wildlife at Maasai Mara| Home to the 7th Wonder of the World!!

in dtube •  24 days ago

If you didn't already know, Maasai Mara is home to the 7th Wonder of the World, THE WILDEBEEST MIGRATION. I and some family members had the opportunity to tour the vast African Savanna across the Maasai Mara this Month. It was ne of the most breathtaking experiences of my life so far. I couldn't believe how beautiful and blessed this country is until I came face to face with wildlife in their natural habitat.

This Trip Should Totally Be on Everyone's Travel Bucketlist!!

I hope You Enjoy Viewing the Vlog even though I feel video doen't do this place any justice. You have to experience it to know exactly what I mean.


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Wow amaizing place with scenario. Thanks for sharing

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@elsiekjay, very interesting video! Beautiful place! Is it in Kenya?