Why Actifit is the Best Fitness Tracker in the World|Get Paid to Keep Healthy ,WIN-WIN! What is Actifit?| A Blocktrades Sponsored Contest...

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Afternoon Everyone,

Such a beautiful Sunny Day on my part of the world!

Today, I wanna start of by doing a DApp review for all the @dapplovers out here. Today's is particularly for fitness enthusiasts who love to track their daily activity. I have been using this DApp for a while and I must say I am very pleased with it. I mostly love the fact you can sync it to your fitbit and that you can post directly to the Steem blockchain with the App.

On this Vlog, I cover the basics and Walk You through the @Actifit Website... Among the topics covered are;

  • What is @Actifit?

  • Who can Best Utilized the App?

  • How Do You Earn With Actifit?

  • Why I think Actifit is the Best Fitness & Activity Tracker in the World & Why You Should Be Using it

  • That One Thing I didn't Like About the DApp and So Much More...

Have any feedback or Questions about the DApp? Leave then below and I'll do my best to clarify. I guess at this point I should also mention this is my entry for the @Blocktrades Sponsored Contest Being Organized By @Coruscate.

Thank You for Stopping By,

<3 El.

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Interesting will check this out.

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Have you video abou this share with us @elsiekjay