Daily Vlog #8 Meet a New musician.

in dtube •  17 days ago

Hey Guys,

So this video is going to be more about this friend of mine, who loves making music. I recently told him about Dtube and Steemit and he is signing up to Steem. As of now he posts his videos on Instagram but soon he will be on Dtube. The song that is being played in the video is one of his originals and you can catch more of his work in his instagram aacount: https://www.instagram.com/sachin.sivadas95/.

Apart from that, I did take a weekly package at the co-working space in Banglore. The first day didn't really go as per my plan. But I really wish to be more productive in the coming days from this space. Most probably my coming videos will be more about this experience instead of Bangalore.

Also, can someone tell me about the use o songs and copyright issues on Steemit? Is it alright to use songs giving credits to the artists? It would be really helpful if someone can give a link to an already existing reliable article about. :)

Thank you for stopping by, I'll see you in my next video. Here are all the links to stay connected :)

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