Snapchat Spectacles Product Review

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As some of you may know I am a HUGE fan of snapchat. I think the platform is great for keeping in contact with friends, keeping up on pop media, and exploring the world through the map page.

As someone who has been using snapchat since 2012 (and an investor in the company) I believe that snapchat offers many compettive advantages over other social media platforms (that I have talked about in length in a previous video title "Why I Invested in snapchat).

although the stock is down close to 90% from all time highs, I believe that the user base is as strong as ever, and the addition of cool hardware such as snapchat spectacles really brings the platform and the company on the leading edge of technology.

I am excited to share this opening and testing with you all. I have wanted to purchase a pair of these for over a year now (things are always worthe the wait). I cant wait to start making so really dope snapchat content with these new specs.

If you're not already, follow me on Snapchat: @elima

thank you guys for your time and attention, see you in the comments

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I didn't knew that was still a thing eheheh but I have never been to big on using Snapchat 😁

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You know, thats teh reaction I've been getting from a lot of my friends lolol. but I really like them. I think they are hella fun