practice with medibang paint

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Hi, in this video i try to make a magic elf using medibang paint because i wanna understand more better how using the tool and experimenting with different paint program, i will try to improve for make a the result :)

Made with Mediband paint
Sin título.png
Thanks for watch the video and have a good day :)


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@elias15g that video is fun to watched. It's amazing to see the concepts gradually emerge into its final output. That application is cool.

Great job for this digital artwork.

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hi @elias15g
amazing! I've never seen anything like it! your video is a little psychedlical, but very good !! it's nice to see the process of your design step by step until the final result, up to the last touches of the details. How long will it take you to do a job like this? do you do it for work or is it your passion?
congratulations on your curie vote and thanks for sharing with us

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I loved your style! You use medibang like you were born using it, your technique is really clean too, watching the process of you r piece you can tell that you are an amazing artist, this elf is really cool! Thanks for sharing!

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You can tell you know a lot about this, you've worked in a professional way that I liked, I like how you did the drawing. A good video, I understood everything

I have never heard of this program called Medibang. I love art and what is capable these days using these types of tools. I really liked how you went through step by step and the final result.