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in dtube •  7 months ago 

Yay! It made me so happy to watch it. What a cool, simple and achievable process. Was the lighter there on purpose?

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Hi @edouard, thank you so much for watching my vid and I am very happy knowing that it also made you happy.

When using fluid paints you often get air-bubbles in the paint that can cause tiny holes when it dries so I will run a torch-flame over the paint to bring the bubbles up to the surface. This can also create new colour cells in the paint.

So the black lighter is the one I use to do this but the button is broken so I have to use the red lighter to light the black lighter.

Sorry I hope that all made sense - however, I hope to make more videos showing the whole process.

It is very rewarding to learn more by asking questions. It’s a good idea not to spell everything out that we you leave us wanting more!