Steemit Dreamit: A New Leaf

in dtube •  6 months ago

The potential for Steemit Dreamit to be a community is at the center of recent discussions on our Discord channel. With the archivization of our Facebook group, promotion is taking a back seat since it is not the main feature of our Discord. That would be General.

Dreamians work hard and play harder so we want to provide an opportunity to put your energy into SD organically as it comes to you.

We are still figuring out what we will become, with @chelsea88’s talent for curation and my penchant for media, we know that we are shaping up to become a brand but that’s about it.

Take the opportunity to chime in, in order to shape SD into a beacon of original content. Your content should be your own but that’s still no excuse to SPAM. That being said, we encourage the use of open source material in your content creation.

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I love this video. And the waterfall. =)
You've clearly explained basically where we are right now! Resteemed =)


Chelsea, you are by far the best ever. Just kidding everyone else, you are awesome two.