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RE: Vlog 182: Join the The Steemit Thunderclap on Twitter - 1 day left + The grind with @kesolink.

in #dtube3 years ago

Hey @exyle. Your videos are highly educational for me and I think for many Steemians. I am in the grind now and already see the results. My posts got noticed by few dolphins and whales as well. Also, my posts get better quality every day. I believe in Steemit and DTube very much. That's why I keep posting and it had not been as hard as it seemed. Maybe, it's up to the person who posts what the one has to offer for the community. As I got engaged with making connections with people and not just posting for money, that's when I got the first wave of success. I am so happy and grateful with it. Your vlogs helped me much as well. I am going to be on DTube much more too.