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RE: 911 Hackers Demand BITCOIN For Information…Let’s GIVE It To Them!

in #dtube4 years ago

You claim Darkoverlord should be paid for finding out secrets about the government, which may be true. But if it is, that doesn't explain why they should hold the info ransom. If they were to release the info, they would easily be able to monetize the event and ensuing notoriety. They could have been heroes by now, and showered with money.
Either they're stupid, or this is a psyop.


How would they "monetize the event and ensuing notoriety" ?

By appearing on every news station and talk show in the world, writing a book, generating a few ad clicks. They wouldn't be able to stop the attention.

They'd be arrested for extortion, hacking, theft etc. etc.
They've already been taken down of all the social media.(except steemit and D-apps)
What MSM is going to let them on?

Steemit have removed everything regarding the dark over lord. Something this big shouldn't be hidden. Its frustrating.

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