Prepare For THE TIPPING POINT - Jeff Berwick On The WAR OF IDEAS

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Tim Picciott for WAM at Anarchizona 2019

Original interview by World Alternative Media here:

Anarchizona website:

TDV Summit 2019 videos now available at:

Tickets for Anarchapulco 2020 available here:


Topics include: waking up, processing positively, taking positive action, changing the world, Joby Weeks, changing hearts and minds, you can't stop a good idea, self ownership, working on yourself, self re-programming, becoming a content creator, ignoring the haters, just go ahead and do things!

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Cryptocurrency has a myriad of problems won't let it become as widespread as our national currencies... One is that it relies on machines that could, at any time, be unavailable. The energy costs are insane in comparison to using paper as a medium for exchange, and using anything but machines makes defeats the security and the base mechanisms that are the backbone of its authenticity. Another issue is that the most basic of us don't fully understand it, far less than even with institutional banks and the economies derived around them. For many, all they're concerned with is whether or not they're able to "pay" for things when needed.

Brick by brick and block by block, bitcoin is here to stay!



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