dlux XR Builder - Introduction & Tutorial

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Build VR scenes in your web browser with ZERO CODE!

That's right! NO SDK, NO bloated game engines, and NO barriers to entry. This is decentralized VR and AR, fully open-source and free to build.

One click publishing to the STEEM blockchain rewards creators with cryptocurrency via community up-voting. Welcome to decentralized limitless user experiences, a meta-verse of content on the social chain that rewards its users.

Utopian-io information: git Repo, MIT Licensed

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This is awesome can't wait to make something in here

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What is XR?

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XR = eXtended Reality, encompassing AR & VR (augmented and virtual reality)

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YT link for backup:

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Such A solid Video. +A

Great job guys! Keep up the good work

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Ok nicw job i will make it now.

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super rad. will watch again later, watched the first part, seems straight forward!

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Hi @dlux-io,

I am the moderator for the Utopian.io in the video category.

Can you put in the Github repository of this project into your post.

There are a few things we need to check before we can let you know whether the video category is qualified to receive potential rewards.


Hi, Each of these containers is a self-contained repository. The tools button at the bottom left allows you to have control over each git repo as well as github import/export tools. This particular one is at https://api.glitch.com/dlux-vr/git which is an exact copy of the whole appropriately MIT licensed IDE.

Hi @dlux-io, there is error in the link that you posted.

Hi @rosatravels, the above link is not an error.

git clone https://api.glitch.com/dlux-vr/git

Which if you clone this repo you'll see is identical to the web editor

Hi @dluix-io

Utopian requires a valid Github repository.

You can take a look at the Utopian guideline:


Thank you again for pointing out:

Contributions to official repositories that are mirrors of another subversioning system are eligible for potential rewards.