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Promo.scr started a month ago, born from an idea of @giornalista with Scorum team collaboration, thanks to this project the promotion of ours and other users posts on other social media to sponsoring Scorum has become more challenging for everyone.

I can only see good things in this initiative, first of all all these shares give visibility to the platform, you must have a minimum of 30 followers in order to take advantage of the Upvote, it seems to me the least since in this way we are also stimulated a lot growing our number of followers.

Furthermore, by looking at the TG and Discord channels where all users share their posts, you may find new social networks to which you can subscribe and be able to earn more in the future.

Another attractive factor is the earning factor considering that the Promo.scr page more than 100K SP, sharing your post you can receive from 5 to 100 SCR with your posts, not bad at all!

All this was created with the aim of bringing new users and investors to the platform, I decided it was time to get to know this project even to the YouTube community on our Scorum-Italia TV and on my personal DTube channel!

Do not be fooled by the channel's name, the word "Italy" does not mean that the channel is exclusively in Italian language, in fact, only that the project has been related with Scorum-Italia witness!

Any of you who feel able and willing to make some videos about sports, videogames and Scorum's world do not hesitate to contact us, everyone is welcome and we are open to any kind of collaboration!

Enjoy watching!

You can find this post on Scorum also


Sketch by @ran.koree

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