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Im not using dtube because of the 25% they take out of it, isnt curation reward you guy got last month is about 90k dollar after all said and done?
Dont you think that is enough to pay for staff and server cost each month?
Why dlive can do it but you cant? I put up a dtube video and they dont even vote for the post but they took a 25% cut out of it, screw that.


Did you read the article?

We are basically not taking fees anymore, yet you are complaining about it and upvoting to give visibility to one of our competitors. Downvoted (after giving you 30 minutes to answer)

@heimindanger I'm very open and honest. I see these as very good changes.

Dtube was extremley hard to use compared to youtube so is this thing no spell check
Image problems lolz good luck
Can i pay my U.S taxes in it?

Dang... You dont upload to dtube just to get the vote. There are other incentives with just that.
You increase your audience size, you become a part of a growing community. Consider you were on youtube from day 1. Consider you have a chance to connect with a whole new group of people and with that you support a project like Dtube that has a chance to make a difference for all of us.
And then theres a chance of a Dtube upvote, yes.
As stated in the post, the fee is rather not 25% but much closer to 10%.

But all that aside, its clear that they are going in the right direction and they have those concerns on their minds. Thats whats reassuring.

Dtube isnt a finished product, its a project in works.

Even at 10% still too much, dlive dont take anything. Hell no, flag this.

Yes.. But dtube redistributes everything back to the community so you really are helping others. Till now you could say fees, and Heimin knows i came in causing havoc due to that in the chat 😀 but really you can have no concern whatsoever now.

The fee is 0%. Hello. Read the article. Or I will keep downvoting with more power.

I dont have a problem with you down vote my comments, but make sure its not lease sp from steemit inc.

Again i could not even make it work
I am a little slow very not tech oriented
Gotta make the interface easier and mobile device accessible

There are thousands of us who are thinking the same about the slice of the rewad that dtube is raping. I no longer bother with their service because of the same.

was raping.

Please read the article

I don’t think you were raping lol, but perhaps being paid more than a semi competitor. A competitor that has themselves updated often and well.

There are some good characters on dtube, but there’s not a ton, and as is the case all over steem, especially in cases with great delegations from Ned, there’s a lot of “playing”, and formulaic content, where thumbnails and intros mask some really shallow stuff that no ones ever gonna actually watch.

Mr. danger, I think you should take a little time each week and engage in real and meaningful conversations.

If you’ve Solved this curation issue, then there is now room to stand up when you have the time, and participate in what it’ll take to create some “STARS”.

Not just individuals, but “SHOWS”.

Production that takes MORE than even your big votes.

YouTube doesn’t have many like that, but there’s nothing that says you can’t.

People making VLogs everyday, are fine, and I have no problem with them making a little money.

I’ll send you another message on discord, and maybe even make a video for you.

I’ve been using dlive because it works great, takes no money besides the base curation, and has allowed me to earn some rewards, while PREPARING for something great.

This is a good step!

Alx - Alx#3690

Bu bu bu but i already did all the work on reg youtube 🐏

Further, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to spread out your votes to more and more people. A huge number of small votes may seem community supportive, but very few businesses have ever succeeded long term, by sacrificing quality in favor of quantity.

A real focus on some content that can grow and scale, and get PAID, is important.

100 extra people making some extra spending cash and having their friends think, “omg, you’re making 500 times more than YouTube would pay you”, may not lead to ultimate success.

Talking is way better than typing.

You just summed up why climate change is going to kill us and we are going to race off the precipice even if we know it's coming thanks dear

YOur sp you got from steemit inc, its not ur own, you are taking 10% cut from us when
the curation will be enough each month almost 100k. Yes raping.

I read the article and understand the essence of your placating the masses.
Great work, thanks again.

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