A big THANK YOU to the Steem community! I have finally reached 10k Steem Power

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I have reached 3 major milestones as of very recent.
10k Steem Power, Reputation 73, and 2200 Followers.

▶️ DTube

View some of my previous milestones :

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That was quick 👀👀 congrats bro, keep moving. Unbelievable pace you’re growing at

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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

I know right! The growth is real in this one.
Non stop over here, I don’t see much in front of me these days. I’m happy to go deep into the forest first.

According to https://steemworld.org/, I’m earning close to 100 Steem Power a week (sometimes more.) Plus SBD on top of that.


Seriously have to be one of the fastest organically grown accounts out there. Like you said, even if someone doesn’t follow you, it’s likely they still know who you are. You are literally everywhere. How much of your SP is earned vs invested ??

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I’ve purchased about 1,300 Steem Power.
Which means I’ve earned about 9k.

I wonder if there is a way to check my organic growth versus other fast growing accounts...

Very impressive. That would be nice for comparison. I bet you’d be top 5

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One can hope.
Either way, I’m still extremely happy with my growth rate.

Congratulations 🎊🎉🎈, well deserved.

Keep posting, next step 20k? 🥳

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Thanks so much! Lots of consistent hard work on Steem. It pays off.

20k incoming. The day I make the jump from dolphin to whale is the real shift. 50k in sight.

Congratulations!! Hard work pays off 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Thank you, what you said is clearly evident this time.

congratulations!!! ♡♧☆ Best of luck.

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Thanks for the best wishes. I hope this will motivate you to keep active here on Steem


Many thanks to you!

congratulations on your progress, go ahead

I appreciate you @alfaro

That's really a great news. I have now 4000 and I'm happy about that as well. 10 k is great as well. I wish you to reach 20 k even faster. Congratulations ! ☺

Thank you. Also congratulations to you as well.
We deserve to be commended from time to time

me puede ayudar soy venezolana por favor

Buena suerte

congrats now tell us your secret to 10k succes

Thank you!
It’s no secret.
Just stay on Steem & get as much done as you can daily. Succes will follow eventually.

Congrats! How did you do it? A newbie right here! :)

Daily use of Steem since December of 2017.