They Lied to you about Raw Eggs...

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Watch as I guzzle half a dozen raw eggs.

Did I survive?


-View Video HERE-




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This is great Dalton, I know you derive more nutrient from raw eggs than cooked or fried. The source where it comes from do matter as you mentioned. Never raw eggs before but I can...
Great to see a video of you, you are looking great!

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I was so afraid the first time I tried doing this last year. Now I love drinking my eggs in the raw form. I hope this will encourage you to try and do the same. Let me know if it works out, perhaps even make your own video when you do it.

Thanks for leaving a comment Joe.

Sweet that's a good idea, first I need to figure out where to find fresh eggs lol

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Local Farmers Market, Butcher, Farmer, or perhaps even the supermarket will have some fresh/local eggs.
Good luck on your search.

Rare people eat raw eggs.

Salmonella hurts bad...

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I wouldn’t know.

Provided that the precautions in production and storage mandated by law (in North America and Europe) have been followed, raw eggs are relatively safe to consume. In fact, some traditional cocktails, such as the “Whiskey Sour” and “Ramos Gin Fizz” are made with raw egg whites. Another drink call the “Prairie Oyster” calls for a full egg.

With that being said, if you notice any of the symptoms listed in this link, I would recommend immediately seeking medical attention.

I remember the time I was on a date with a girl and she ordered a drink with raw egg. I thought she was insane at the time since I had never tried a raw egg. Now I totally understand that it is okay.

As long as raw eggs are from organic farm I guess they're delicious and nutritious!

Totally love eggs, the source is an important factor when choosing where to get your eggs from.

This is shear madness I tell you. MADNESS!!!

You watched the entire video?

I was still watching the video at the time I made the comment. But I had to comment, I couldn't help it. lol. I would never be able to down even one egg without gagging and possibly throwing up.

Years ago I tried a high fat/high protein, low carb diet and needed more calories than what I was getting and would force myself to down a couple tablespoons of virgin olive oil. That's the most unusual thing I've eaten and of course I ended up giving up on that.

Nowadays,I still try and limit the amount of carbs that I get and keep the fat/protein high, I eat six eggs a day for dinner, with some cheese and veggies, but I wouldn't be able to do raw eggs that's for sure. I wouldn't be able to deal with the consistency of it. But good on you that you can, it def saves time on cooking.

Actually, re reading my comment. I'm sure I would throw up.

Thanks for taking the time to finish the video!

The weirdest thing I have ever eaten is Shilajit.

That sucks you can’t stand raw eggs.

we know you survived cuz you posted this

because they are local eggs, cage free, they're probably more healthy than the kinds they sell in the grocery store for sure

You seem to be able to see truth whether or not it is right in front of your face.

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Never keep eggs in the fridge also!

Common misconception!

I thought this only applied to cooking them.
Can you provide me more info as to why I should not store my eggs in the fridge?

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