Rave Recap for January - March of 2019 (Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina)

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Featured Artists :

Megalodon, Slander, Wooli, Wavedash, Lucii, G-Rex, LSDREAM, Champagne Drip, Liquid Stranger, Funtcase, Riot Ten, Kompany, Dubloadz, Dion Timmer, Bommer, and He$h.


Video Details...

This is a quick one-minute recap #video of all of the the EDM raves I have attended in 2019, seven so far this year. I am very proud of this video as it is my first of this style. I am also extremely satisfied with my experiences at these live shows. I am happy to share some of what I have been lucky enough to witness.


Check out full details of all of these past events and future raves I plan on traveling to in the blog linked below :


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The song in the video is
by : Luzcid & Tre Justice



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I’m guessing this is for work or are you just super into raves? Also who was your favourite artist to see?

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I consider posting on Steem as work. However I was not commissioned to create this by anyone. I did it to share here, but mostly so I could have a personal video that helps me remember these amazing memories even more.

I’m very happy that I got to meet Kompany


My favorite artist to watch perform & dance to was Lucii. From where she’s so new to the scene her energy was off the charts & her music is amazing. (Plus she’s really hot.) I’ll link a song of hers for you to check out from Lucii :


Awesome! I thought maybe you were an event planner/helper or something. It’s amazing you found time to travel to so many raves!

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Nope, not quite yet. Maybe eventually, that would be great. I’m just passionate about the music & have the skills to create.

I appreciate your engaging comment, it’s interactions like these that will rapidly accelerate your growth here on Steem.

Thanks for posting! It’s great to see someone so passionate about music. Keep it up!

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OHIO!!! Mike's family lives in Springfield. Might seek you out next time you're om Columbus.

I know of Springfield.
One of my childhood best friends has a father that lived there. We visited a few times. I remember passing the first exotic car used dealership that I’ve ever seen on my way up there.

It's still there ... and they still display the cars outside during the spring and summer! We're going back in August probably!

That’s awesome! It’s funny the weird things we remember from instances like that.

I myself live in West Virginia. Only a few hours away.

Where are my bassheads???

wawo sir
i am big fan of you

Glad you enjoyed the video!

i subscribe you

sir how you made your channel's logo i like it

I custom designed it myself.

ouch hhhoottt


“The person who reads too much and uses his brain too little will fall into lazy habits of thinking.”-Albert Einstein

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Me encanta, ojalá pudiera asistir el 20

Esperemos que puedas experimentar la felicidad de esta manera pronto.

Where are my bassheads???

excelente dame tu voto

Keseruan dunia malam sangat indah . Selama kita hidup jangan melewatkannya

Keseruan dunia malam sangat indah . Selama kita hidup jangan melewatkannya

kita dapat menemukan kebahagiaan di tempat-tempat yang paling gelap sekalipun.

Que grande eres bro


Drops are so sick

Nothing like getting some bass dropped right on your noggin’

It's so great achievement Sir Keep it up

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Thank you very much dear.


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This is awesome

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Thank you very much.

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