Don’t Forget To Verify Your Accounts, Avoid Unforeseen Circumstances! - D00k13 Digest #216

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What up my Steemians, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest, just for the sake of avoiding unforeseen circumstances I suggest all of you that create content regularity to verify your account in some manner, I have recently seen someone and the people they have brought onto the platform whom I mention in the video get caught up in a situation with the opposing force. I understand where both sides are coming from and see that had in this situation all parties involved been verified in some way this situation could have been avoided and most likely never caught the opposing force’s attention.

There are a ton of reason along with promotion of our platform.

My focus is the situation at hand and how it seems to me to be, assuming its a misunderstanding, something that could have been avoided if all parties were verified.

I am verified I assume, I have linked my content and they could track me through discord but my actions also do not show any deceptive behaviour!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!?!?

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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i dont think i did that with my introductory post, but i have a lot of my pictures on post. i never thought of this, thanks for raising thus issue.

Yea dude it’s really easy with twitter, include a few links one on your social media’s to steemit and one on steemit to social media’s or do a post about it. Then you can also tag steemcleaners in a tweet and get verified with a @steemitboard badge, I just got mine today I believe from tagging them in my tweet of this post 😅

Check the badge out here
Click on personal

This was my tweet
I tagged them on twitter, I think it’s that simple as I avoided tagging them on my post 😅 they have a job to do and don’t want to be seen as a random tagger 🤞

I’m stoked about that badge 💪 thank you @arcange @techybear @captiank and of course SteemCleaners this is an awesome award to be aware of with on boarding newbies for them to sport right off the bat!

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Congratulations for your successful account verification @dook13 =)

It's not letting me watch. Booo!


Hrm it seems to be bugged, thank you for letting me know checking into it now!

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I played it ok Dooks.. I just watched it and it reminded me what verify is lol.. I like a Canadian accent :D oopsie did I say that

Are you watching from pc?

Lol you like my stumble over the ending lol
That was a pretty decent first thing in the morning off the top of my head idea if I do say so myself 😅

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Yeah I thought you were articulate and on point! I loved it!

Thank lol I didn’t watch it yet 😅 one take no look wonder just edited the end and beginning lmao

So it seems my mobile uploads are not playing on mobile... thus I have not watched yet waiting for my dang pc too update so I can check 🤦‍♂️ must be the 480p hash! Mobiles play off the 480p mostly.

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@emwalker are you watching from mobile?

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I know Cheetah very well, he used to comment under my Steemit blogs saying that I used plagiarism for my content and he would put a link underneath it where I ''got'' it from. The funny part was, it was my own Youtube content that he linked underneath.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

That’s exactly one of those situations I am referring to, some are bot operated other and human instigated but either way it can start with just cheetah comments and evolve into steemcleaner downvotes quick

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Doctor it hurts again 🤭

You forgot to verify your account again didn’t you!

Remember to show your face not just your hands and bunnies 😅

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hehehehe I don't even know how to verify lol I know you posted about it but I am curating so many people I feel I am going looney from it hehehe I forgot how.. hehehehehe I just wanted to tell you it was hurting again!! LOLOLOLOL

Basically just put a link somewhere on your bio of social media and a link to social media on your steemit

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Hey Dooks what if SteemNurse isnt me and I am just stealing her content hehehehe


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