🥁 2. Single Paradiddle - Beat 1 (DTube vídeo inside) 🥁

in dtube •  2 years ago 

Hello guys!!

Following my previous post, here, is a short video of the single paradiddle.

For exercise #2, I decided to do or exemplify a simple thing. I played the single paradiddle between the snare and hi-hat. The left hand is left on the snare playing ghost notes. The bass drum playing on counts 1 and 3 and the snare accents on counts 2 and 4.

Count the single paradiddle as 16th notes.
Sticking: RlrrLrll

For a practical example, I used the theme “Billie Jean” of Michael Jackson.

Check out! Hope you enjoy it! 🥁

I`m counting on you in the next drum lesson of the single paradiddle! 🥁

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Hey, I liked your work. When I was a kid I sometimes played drums and I admit that it's very complicated. Having rhythm is not for everyone. Keep posting videos I'll follow you with your work. ;) Hug!

Obrigado pelo coment e pela força e espero que goste dos próximos vídeos também. São uma espécie de mini curso. Abraço.