@nathanmars, thank you for delegating to me 777 units of Steem Power! — Steemit

@nathanmars, thank you for delegating to me 777 units of Steem Power!

in dtube •  3 months ago

@nathanmars, thank you a lot for delegating to me 777 units of Steem Power today!

I am so excited! When I saw your delegation today in the afternoon I was speechless.
It is a big honour to me that you've chosen to delegate SP to me! I think this is a crucial moment in my journey on the Steem blockchain.

I will try to do all my best to not let you down!

At the moment, I think I will try to support the newcomers to the Steem blockchain! I will support the planktons and the minnows in order to help the Steem community and ecosystem grow.

Thank you once again @nathanmars!

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You did explain everything perfectly, I really wish you a great journey on steemit!

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Confirm! I saw your indescribable joy on your face:)

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@edwardsun, yes! You know very well how I looked like when I was in the elevator, going with you for lunch, and when I saw on my cell phone the delegeted to me from @nathsnmars S 777 SP. I was speechless! You know very well! Thank you?

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@cryptospa, what a an exciting news! It's wonderful that you said there about your rejoicing and share with others steemers. :)


@alicedorin77, thank you for supporting me!

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