When Your Master Is A Vegan (Animal Mukbang)

in dtube •  28 days ago

It is fun to see carnivore animals eating fruits and vegetables because it is unusual for them to eat such foods even if they have no other choice. But eating such foods is good for them as it allows them to have fiber, vitamins and minerals, and it gives them vitality when compared to just eating meat varieties alone.

Animals have different nutritional needs compared to humans but for dogs they are naturally scavengers if not sole meat eaters so if they do eat human food in my opinion they will be still okay as long as they get a bit of something they need like proteins, calories, and vitamins so that they will have a healthy life.

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Well that is interesting. We had a cat who used to eat figs and carrots. A bit weird but funny :D

really very interesting...friend.
i pray for you