Road To Steemfest- The Thai Life // Brought to You by Blocktrades

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Hi Friends!

I'm partnering with @anomadsoul and @blocktrades to make video versions of any contests/promotions they run - for those that would rather watch someone explain the contest rules in a video instead of read about them!

Today we are chatting about the latest "Road to Steemfest" free-write challenge. I participated in these last year and it was an amazing experience! Not only did it get me thinking about my upcoming travels - but it helped me get to know the people who would be going a lot better. These free-write challenges do a great job of bringing a sense of familiarity and closeness with the people going to Steemfest -so by the time you get there - you are already good friends!

Check out the original contest post HERE.

This Week's writing prompt is The Thai Life. Basically, what are you excited to experience in Thailand? Is it particular foods, beverages, landmarks? All of the contest details are below - but I'd highly encourage Steemfest attendeeds to jump in every week! Blocktrades is going to have a special surprise at Steemfest for those who participate in at least 75% of the weekly writing challenges.

Here are the contest details taken from the original post by @anomadsoul.

Contest Rules

One of the great pros of celebrating Steem Fest in a different country every year is that we, as Steemians, while we attend the biggest Steem event of the year, also get to explore the city - and sometimes when we have the time and money required, the country -, get to know the locals, eat traditional food, visit touristic spots and much more!

So, it's your chance to share what would you love to do while you are in Bangkok! Are you looking forward to eat certain dish or street food? Are you dying to visit a specific monument or to cruise to a specific island? What are you looking forward about the Thai life?

Share it with us so we know what you want to do and perhaps we can tag along with you and make the tourist trip together! Also perhaps by reading your post we can get new ideas to make our own plans :)

The Thai life and what to expect

Small set of rules:

  • You have until Sunday 8th of September to post about this topic.
  • Use the tag #roadtosteemfest and #blocktradescontest so we can all find the posts and get to vote on our posts to help out our funding for the trip.

Every Steemian who makes a quality post about this topic, will get a vote from @blocktrades - percentage may change depending the quality of the post, just make sure to use the tags "roadtosteemfest" and "blocktradescontest". On the last week, we had to make some adjustments on the VP so some posts didn't get a blocktrades vote, sorry for that but it will not happen again :)

This #RoadToSteemFest initiative, just like last year's, will run until the previous week of Steem Fest. There will be around 16 topics regarding the #roadtosteemfest so make sure to try and join every one of them because...

...everyone who joins in on at least 75% of the topics, will be eligibile to win a big surprise in Bangkok. This surprise will be revealed later down the road and only people who attend SF will be able to receive it.

Remember, you have until Sunday, September 8th to publish your Thai life and what to expect post.

There is already two contests to win Steem Fest tickets + Accommodation in Thailand sponsored by @blocktrades and @actifit and @steemhunt check the actifit one here and check the @steemhunt one here

Thank you everyone who made a post about this. Any vote or resteem is appreciated, since all the liquid rewards from this post will go to fund one lucky Steemian's Steem Fest 4 entry ticket.

I hope you guys found this video explainer helpful! If you have any questions about the writing challenge - please leave them in the comments below!

XO, Lea

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