DCooperation - Meet @tornadoman - The youngest steemian I know ► Dtube Collaboration #44 ◄

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In this video I interviewed @tornadoman , he is 17 years old.

He is really one of the youngest steemians I know.

He is from Florida and he is interested to steem blockchain.

You can also subscribe to his youtube channel here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcT8tpbKTRqGDsZn5BrSDfw

I think we have to support young generation in steem blockchain because they will grow with it. I'm 33 years old now and imgine steem after 10 year and @tornadoman a whale here. So, follow and support the guy and give him the best feedback to support the future generations of steem users. ☺

Thanks for watching & reading, see you in @dcooperation.

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

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Here is our amazing video :

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@lyndsaybowes has 3 children on here.. I think the youngest is 13ish

Nice to know, but I think my baby will be the youngest soon. lol I plan to create for him an account when he turns 1 year in 21th of september. ☺

@clixmoney, nice interview! It is really good when young people join Steemit.

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I'm glad you like it, yeah young generations are interesting. ☺

It was fun and I appreciate the support

You are very welcome. ☺

Also how do you record your videos

I use my phone.

Thanks for another nice interview, excellent and I am also interested :)

You are welcome, see you in discord. ☺

Hey I was just considering featuring steemians that follow me in my posts! Maybe I could link on to you and feature the same peeps?

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Join our community first please. Do you use discord ?

Yeah my id is pwny #2656

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I clicked the link and joined lol

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