A poem : Upvote people - Don't be greedy !

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In this video I shared my concern about those steemians who are mosting sitting on their power and not upvoting others.

Even being active steemians and maybe doing something for the community, we still need to upvote people.

If you think that those who are here for a long time earned enough and they don't deserve it, upvote newcomers to make them excited about steem.

If you don't have time to upvote, you can follow a trail, delegate to a project, do something about that.

We have so many project worth your delegation, worth to follow their trail, do you know about them ?

I've been on steem 2 years exactly, posting almost everyday and I see a lot of things happening.

Not talking about such things hurts me and the platform and every single steemian.

I even wrote a poem today about this topic :

Some people are fighting , but others don't care
They are just hurting , a platform not their
I've been two years steeming, I will make it fair
Will you start upvoting ? Where are you , where ?

It's a little poem, from non native English speaker, maybe with mistakes, but I'm sure you understand the message.

I hope more people will talk about the issue and maybe those who are missing to upvote other and keeping their voting power 100% without upvoting for a long time, will make something about that.

I always try to be positive and to inspire people, but sometimes I need to free my emotions as well.

Thanks a lot for supporting, watching, reading, commenting and resteeming. ☺

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I agree we need to use are VP. I rarely see mine get above 90%. I do autovote some people who I follow and like their content, but mostly I manually vote. Thankfully I am a Minnow now and by voting at 15% I am voting at a value that shows up and let's me vote on more content I like.

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That's great to know. Most minnows are doing the same. I just noticed more and more powerful steemians not using their power, like dolphins and orca and even some whales, just having that power 100% and sitting on it. I find it strange they don't upvote with it, it bring them curation rewards. ... .


Yes, they could earn much more than interest and would be immensely help to the growth of communities if they delegated at no cost to there SP when the delegation comes back. Not all communities are going to pull a flex and leave.

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Congratulations on your anniversary @clixmoney !! I loved the poem and the overall upvoting message too! =)
Great thought provoking stuff! Have a good one my friend!!

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Thanks a lot. Yeah, I'm glad to be here 2 years exactly. There are more positive things here of course, but about the negative we have to talk sometimes as well. ☺