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DCooperation - Meet @rest100 ☺ ► Dtube Collaboration #33 ◄

in dtube •  2 months ago

This interview was very special to me because I'm a music lover and I interviewed the musician @rest100 .

He is also a part of Five Star Entertainment Group.

You can subscribe to his dtube channel here :!/c/rest100

Or youtube channel :

His best song and video clip about steeming is this one :

His best tip for steem users is to treat your steem account as a business account, but not as a facebook page.

He is also a father and very talented guy, follow him here @rest100 .

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation.

As always, thanks for watching and reading. ☺


Subscribe on my youtube channel here

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@clixmoney and @rest100, interesting interview!

Btw, the Steemit Anthem is cool! I like it!


Yeah, that was one of the best, because I like music so much. ☺ ♪♫

This is great. I love music too. I'm following you @clixmoney


You are very welcome.