Learn from the upvoted posts ! - Day 319 !

in dtube •  16 days ago

A lot of people in steem blockchain care about upvotes a lot.

When we see upvoted people we should understand why exactly they are upvoted.

We should learn from them and be in touch with such people.

Not to look for something negative about them.

If they are using upvoting bots, it's their money and they have the right to use it as they want.

I don't use upvoting bots myself because it's not profitable in my opinion. But as a promotion tool, I think it's ok to use them sometimes.

If a whale is upvoting them for some reason, so they may deserved that upvote somehow.

If an app or a project or a community is upvoting them, so they did something to get that.

We don't have to look at well upvoted people, like some poor people look at rich ones and think they all bad.

Among rich people also there are a lot of good people, just like among well upvoted people in steemit.

Let's be positive about everything in steem and take the negativity away from our heads.

To check who is upvoted by someone , just visit this website https://steemworld.org/@dcooperation and instead of ''dcooperation'' write the name of the account who is upvoting.

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We should learn from them and be in touch with such people.

Not to look for something negative about them.

I do not look at people who get high upvotes as bad. There are some Steemians who rightfully deserve to get solid Upvotes from Communities like Dtube.

But let's be honest here....there is also a subset of the Steemain population who get high Upvotes no matter what kind of trash posts they put out. And franky I cannot "learn" anything from them at all.

The only thing I can "learn" from them is that I do not want to put out trash content like that even if it gives me a $15 Upvote.

I'll put my Integrity over Money any day

Valuable video! We should think about that.


Thanks, I'm glad you like it. ☺

It´s always good to focus on good things. It´s the same about positive thinking.

I have a question, why you think that using bot with fix profit ratio can be bad?


I don't think that's a profit when you send 10 steem to get 5$ upvote. I tried bots more than a year ago and they weren't profitable, and now is even worse. I don't count the steem power that we get from them by the way, because it doesn't give that big upvote, I count only steem or steem dollar that we get from them, try to count and you will see that you always get less than you give.

And as I told you, I'm not against them, but I see them just a promotion tool.

But we may get a profit from them if we get noticed by other steemians and especially whales in trending page and that's up to the quality of the post, or maybe chance.


Why you don´t count steem power? You can always power down, if you want. Yes, it´s true that it´s on market, but now it´s good time for some power up.

Try to look on @qustodian, this bot it´s the most profitable bot I know ;-)


Thanks for letting me know, but I will not use bots anyway.

About the steem power, I already earn that from my content.