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In this video I interviewed @vladivostok !

A lot of people here think he's Russian, but he is not. lol

He is also going to steemfest and you can see how he's preparing here :

He has also a discord server.

Please follow the guy, let's all connect.

Have fun watching the interview. ☺

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

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Here is our amazing video :

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I watched almost the entire thing. I have to fit 30 videos in today gentleman.. I made it to the 'we need more investors" part.. and Vlad had said he is one. I think that is wonderful that he has invested like that. I look forward to also investing as time passes. I have bought some, but most of what I have was earned from my videos. I need to purchase more though as well. Great video guys! It was fun to here about how Vlad found the platform. Similar to me actually.. from censorship etc. Glad you are here Vlad. Talk soon gentleman!

@clixmoney @vladivostok


Really glad you caught the interview, had a good time with Clix and always love meeting and talking to new people.


Thanks for the nice comment. Yeah, investors are very important in the growth of the platform. We need much more of them on steem.

This was great to watch. I love how the information is being passed along and we're all learning from each other.

I love what you say about self improvement @vladivostok. That's exactly how it has been for me. Now I'm recording podcasts with well known guitar players and loving it. I would never have been doing that, or even editing video without Steemit. I'm publishing videos every day. It's an amazing journey!

Doing what you love and building your audience. Yes! Great teep.

great conversation... @vladivostok and @clixmoney !!!!!!!!! enjoyed the WHOLE thing immensely! been following vlad for awhile so it was really cool to learn more! epic steemian! he's helped me...and others in so many ways. resteemed this one!!!


Thanks for the comment and for watching all the video. Vlad is really helpful, you are right.