Emotions are our biggest enemy ! - Day 289 !

in dtube •  22 days ago

I think emotions can change our lives.

Sometimes when we are too emotional about things, we can ruin everything.

In both directions, nagative or positive emotions, when we have a lot of them is not healthy.

Sometimes when we get too angry about things, we may do something and after that regret it.

Sometimes when we are too happy or in love, we can spend so much energy and we lose ourselves.

Even the balance between nagative and positive emotions doesn't help sometimes.

We are not robots of course, we are human and we should have those emotions.

But always controling them is the best way to live, I think.

Maybe people smoke or drink just to not feel them.

Maybe that's why we have wars in this world.

Who knows.

I hope we all be less emotional to see more peace in our world.

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Yep not being able to control emotions has been the downfall of many human beings in this World. It's not easy at times to control them.

But things like yoga and breathing exercises sure can help. At least for me it has


Yeah, recently I'm trying to breath and relax a lot to not let emotions drive me. Some people are too emotions of things and all they do is ruin themselves.

I think that a person without emotions is no longer a person, but a robot)).
But also every normal person should be able to manage their emotions. This skill can be improved all the life.


That's correct, we should control them anyway.

I think emotions keep us real. Like @behelen said. Without emotions, we are just walking talking robots. It's being able to have control of our emotions that is key. To think with a positive mindset not in a negative way. Emotions are not the Enemy in My opinion. Emotions are what keep us civil. Emotions allow us to feel, have compassion, care for others, and Love one another.

May You and Your Family Always Live in the Abundance of Beauty, Happiness, Peace, and Love and Always Be surrounded by endless Blessings.


I meant being over emotional can ruin us, in bot negative or positive ways.

You're right sir. I also made a video about emotions on 13 January. I'm happy to see this.


You'r very welcome. I will take a look at your video. I think you should upload more often, so you will be noticed by dtube and our video community. ☺


Thank you sir I will surely do so. My biggest challenge is do not have a laptop as for now, am just using my small phone to do verything. Nevertheless I will find a solution. Again thank you

I can relate with this topic, emotions can get the better of us either good or bad.
Mastering our emotions can be difficult especially if the result is always a bad one so as for me I try to remain calm in such situation which I find not easy though.

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Yeah, it's hard to control them, but we should try. Almost everything in life is related to them, that's why we have to be strong enough to control ourselves.