Reputation 72 and my honest thoughts !

in dtube •  17 days ago 

It was really hard to reach this reputation in steem !

Mostly I did that from my creation !

@dtube helped me a lot.

I'm stoping making videos everyday on youtube.

Really tired !

Now I will enjoy my life more !

Thanks for every single steemian who supported me and still !

Forget about the time spent uploding those videos, sometimes it took hours and even now, I couldn't upload the video to dtube directly, but I had to upload it on youtube anyway to be able to post it.

Now dtube with youtube links is working much better than, just uploading the video on ipfs !

Anyway, if you have a goal and you are woring hard, you will reach it anyway !
Noone is able to stop that from happening.

Keep growing, keep improving. ☺

You're welcome to join @dcooperation , the community to collaborate.

Subscribe to my youtube channel here !

Read the white paper of @dcooperation here : DCooperation's white paper !

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Congratulations for your massive achievement in steem blockchain. Yeah... That's harder to achieve I believe. But you working harder with combination family and blockchain as well. You've to go so far. Good luck to your future.

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Thanks a lot. On mu way to 73. Indeed it was hard. But, sometimes we have to relax. Thanks for the comment.

Keep moving forward and make your family your inspiration in everything that you do... :) Congratulations! (^_^)v

Thanks a lot. You're right. Nothing is more important than the family !

  ·  17 days ago (edited)

You're welcome... :)


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You seems normal and with good reputation, why you are spamming now ?

God bless

@clixmoney, congratulations on achieving reputation of 72!

I hope you mother recovers as soon as possible!